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Sound Acres is a full service music production studio opened in 2020 by producer Gary Cioni.  Located just 30 minutes from Philadelphia, Sound Acres offers world class design and impeccable sounding rooms designed by Atom Sonic Concepts, an impressive collection of instruments and gear, and cool aesthetics for a well rounded recording experience.  


With a wealth of experience as a musician having spent over a decade as a touring/recoding artist across multiple bands (Crime in Stereo, Daytrader, Royal Psalms) Gary has a talent for working with artists to make the process enjoyable, rewarding and creative with as much or as little input as the artist desires.  As a producer Gary offers an immersive, hands on approach dedicated to capturing an artists identity and vision. As a songwriter he offers guidance and input with melody & vocal or instrumental arrangements to help a song reach its fullest potential.


We offer the following services, we can offer all of these for a project or just one, so let us know what you are wanting us to help you with.  Lodging in our artist crash pad is available with all multi-day sessions.  


PRODUCING-Producing entails helping with decisions on song structure, what tempo the song should be recorded at, additional instrumentation, deciding how and if a song should be recorded with or without a metronome, if it should be multi-tracked, or live tracked, assistance with what drum sounds, bass sounds, guitar or key sounds should be used and anything else that the song or songs would need to be the best they could be.


RECORDING/ENGINEERING-This is process of recording involves choosing the proper microphones and microphone placements along the the proper level and any other EQ or processing to get the desired sound reproduced through our monitor system.


EDITING-This is where we can choose between different takes, edit drums, tune vocal performances, and any other editing the needs to be done to best get the vibe and taste that the client is aiming for.


MIXING-Mixing is taking all the tracks that have been recorded and blending the levels,  EQ, processing , and effects to make the song flow from beginning to end.


MASTERING-Mastering happens when you get the mix bounced down to a stereo track, and then do final EQ, Compression, limiting, and dithering in aim to have a good sounding master across many different playback mediums. 


RE-AMPING- If you happen to like to record guitars or bass at home, send us your unprocessed 24bit files and we can reamp them through our many world class amps.

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