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Hot Mulligan - IWROTY (P/E/M)

Free Throw -Bear Your Mind (E)

Kayak Jones -YSIGBED (P/E)

Crime in Stereo - House & Trance (P/E)

Tiny Voices - Make Up Your Place (P/E/M)

MooseCreek Park - Hope This Clears Things Up (P/E/M)

The Casper Fight Scene - Haymaker (P/E/M)

Tired Radio - Lousy, Thanks (P/E)

P: Producer

E: Engineer

M: Mixer

MA: Mastering

Hot Mulligan - you'll be fine (E)

Free Throw - What's Past is Prologue (E)

Kayak Jones -Sort Out Your Head (P/E)

Lincoln - A Constant State of Ohio (E)

Tiny Voices - WTTW (P/E/M/MA)

Magazine Beach - Constant Springtime (P/E/M)

Good Sleepy - everysinglelittlebit (P/E/M)

Bicycle Inn - Bald The Beautiful... (P/E/M)

Grayscale - Love Yourself (E)

American Beauty - Dinner at Dorsia (P/E/M)

Hey Thanks! - Start/Living (P/E)

Grist Mil - Midheaven (P/E)

XLHC - First Time (Ma)

Bogues - Life, Slowly (P/E/M/Ma)

Suntitle - Pure Forever (P/E)

Regrown - s/t (P/E)

Unturned - Sunk (P/E/M)


Emway- Double Blind (M/MA)

Boston Flowers- Mondegreen(P/E/M)


heavy on the heart- IYWHTT (P/E)

The Spins - Not If, ButWhen (P/E/M)


Leisure Hour - The Sunnyside (P/E/M)

Arlen Gun Club - s/t (P/E/M)

Knavery - Control (P/E/M

Square Loop - TLDBTP (P/E/M)

Bogues - a long goodbye (P/E/M/Ma)

Living Room - New Years (P/E/M)

Mood Swings - s/t (P/E/M)

City Ghost - Gray (P/E/M)


Persei - What's Left Inside (M/MA)

Zaid Leppelin- Rodent Race (P/E/M)


TRSH - Always Stoned (M/MA)

Sound Acres_Icon_Gold_RGB.png

Hot Mulligan - Acoustic Vol. 1 (P/E/M/MA)

Sorority Noise - You're not as __ as you think (E)

Kayak Jones - Matter/Foolish  (P/E)

Hotel Etiquette - (P/E/M)

Twentythreenineteen - All This Love (P/E)

Head North - The Last Living Man... (P/E/M)

Good Sleepy - I  better start dreaming (P/E/M)

Bicycle Inn - This Time and Place... (P/E/M)

Val Astaire - Fever Dreams (P/E)

Leisure Hour - s/t (P/E/M)

Arlen Gun Club - Too Easy  (P/E/M)

Annie Jump Cannon - Flourishing Apart (P/E/M)

Lemonbar - I Hate Me Too (P/E/M)

Knope - An Exercise in patience (M/Ma)

America Part Two - Price of a Nation (P/E)

Past Life - Triple Nothing (P/E/M)

The Moms - Doing Asbestos We Can (P/E)

Scarlet Street - s/t (P/E/M)

The Witch- Everything that has happened, Now (P/E/M)


Life In Idle - Continuity Errors (P/E/M)

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