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P: Producer

E: Engineer

M: Mixer

MA: Mastering

Sound Acres_Icon_Gold_RGB.png
Hot Mulligan
I Won't Reach Out To You (P/E/M)
you'll be fine  (E)
Acoustic Vol. 1 (P/E/M/MA)
Free Throw
What's Past Is Prologue (E)
Bear Your Mind  (E)
Crime in Stereo
House & Trance (P,E)
Sorority Noise
You're Not As _ As You Think (E)
Tired Radio
Lousy, Thanks  (P/E)
Upcoming LP  (P/E)
Head North
The Last Living Man Ever  (E)
The Casper Fight Scene
Haymaker  (P/E/M)
A Long Goodbye (P/E/M/MA)
Life, Slowly  (P/E/M/MA)
Tiny Voices
Make Up Your Place  (P/E/M)
Where The Time Went (P/E/M/MA)
Val Astaire
Fever Dreams (P/E)
Pure Forever (P/E)
Always Stoned (M/MA)
Leisure Hour
S/T (P/E/M)
The Sunnyside (P/E/M)
Hey Thanks!
Start / Living (P/E)
Zaid Leppelin
Rodent Race (P/E/M)
heavy on the heart.
It's You That Has To Change (P/E)
Upcoming LP (P/E)
Living Room
New Years (P/E/M)
Heavy Mind (P/E/M)
Life in Idle
Continuity Error(s) (P/E/M/MA)
Kayak Jones
Sort Out Your Head (P/E)
You Swear It's Getting Easier Everyday (P/E)
Matter//Foolish  (Acoustic(P,E)
Good Sleepy
everysinglelittlebit (P/E/M)
i better start dreaming (P/E/M/MA)
A Constant State of Ohio  (E)
Magazine Beach
Constant Springtime  (P/E/M)
MooseCreek Park
Hope This Clears Thing Up (P/E/M)
 Upcoming release  (P/E/M)
Hotel Etiquette
Ouch!  (P/E/M)
All This Love  (P/E)
Bicycle Inn
Baldr the Beautiful is Dead (P/E/M)
This Time And Place...  (P/E/M)
American Beauty
Dinner at Dorsia (P/E/M)
Upcoming LP  (P/E/M)
An Exercise in Patience (M/MA)
Best Ex
Daylight  (P/E/M/MA)
I Hate Me Too (P/E/M)
Square Loop
The Longest Distance Between Two Points (P/E/M)
The Spins
Not If, But When (P/E/M)
Control  (P/E/M)
Neverlasting Life  (P/E/M)
America Part II
Price of a Nation (P/E)
Annie Jump Cannon
Flourishing Apart (P/E/M)
The Moms
Doing Asbestos We Can (P/E)
Arlen Gun Club
Too Easy  (P/E/M)
S/T  (P/E/M)
Grist Mil
Midheaven  (P/E)
Mood Swings
S/T  (P/E/M)
Keep Flying
Follow Your Nightmare (E)
Sunk  (P/E/M)
Past Life
Triple Nothing  (P/E/M)
The Loudest Sound  (P/E/M)
Scarlet Street
S/T  (P/E/M)
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