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P: Producer

E: Engineer

M: Mixer

MA: Mastering

W: Co- Writer

B: Performer


Hot Mulligan : “you'll be fine” (E)  (No Sleep Records)

Hot Mulligan : "I Won't Reach Out To You" (P/M/E)  (Wax Bodega)

Hot Mulligan : "Acoustic V1" (P/M/E/Mastering)  (Wax Bodega)

Sorority Noise :  “You’re Not As ___ as You Think”  (E) (Triple Crown Records)

Free Throw :  “What’s Past Is Prologue” (E) (triple crown records)

Free Throw :  “Bear Your Mind” (E)    (Triple Crown Records)

Head North :  "The Last Living Man Alive Ever In The History Of The World"   (E)

Crime in Stereo : “upcoming release” (P/E)

Crime in Stereo : "is dead" (B) (Bridge Nine Records)

Crime In Stereo : "IWTTDYTS" (B) (Bridge Nine Records)

Daytrader :  “Twelve Years” (Rise Records) (P/W)

Daytrader :  “Last Days of Rome” (Run For Cover Records) (P/W)

Lincoln :  “A Constant State Of Ohio”  (E) (I Surrender Records)

TwentyThreeNineteen : "Upcoming EP" (P/E/M)

Hey Thanks! : Start/Living (P,E)

Hey Thanks! : “Nothing It Would Change, Nothing I Could Say”   (P,M,E)

Val Astaire : “Kiss/Say You Will/Upcoming LP” (P/E)

Kayak Jones : “You Swear It’s Getting Better Every Day” (P/E)

Kayak Jones :  “Sort Out Your Head” (P/M/E)

Kayak Jones : “Matter / Foolish (Acoustic)” (P/E)

The Spins : "Not If, But When" (P/M/E)

The Spins : "Upcoming EP" (P/E)

Good Sleepy : "everysinglelittlebit" (P,M,E) (No Sleep Records)

Good Sleepy : "Upcoming EP" (P,M,E/Mastering) (No Sleep Records)

American Beauty : "Upcoming LP" (P,M,E)

American Beauty : "Dinner at Dorsia" (P,M,E)

Regrown : "S/T" EP : (P/E)

Annie Jump Cannon : "Flourishing Apart" (P,M,E) (No Sleep Records)

Suntitle : "Pure Forever" (P/E) (Know Hope Records)

Mood Swings : S/T L LP (P/M/E)

Bicycle Inn : This Time and Place is all I'll Ever Know (P/M/E) (Sun Eater Records)

Bicycle Inn : "Upcoming EP" (P/M/E)

Knavery : Upcoming LP (P/M/E)

Unturned: “Sunk” (P/M/E) (no sleep records)

Persei : "Write Me Off / A Way Out" (P/M/E)

The Moms : “Were Doing Asbestos We Can”  (P/E) (Bar None Records)

Grayscale : Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7  (E) (Fearless Records)

Somos : “Eternal Yesterday/downpour” (E)   (Hopeless Records)

Everyone Leaves :  “Weathered. Broken. Endure.” (M/Mastering)

Bogues : “Life, Slowly” (P/M/E)

Bogues : “A Long Goodbye” (P/M/E/Mastering)

Bogues : “2018 holiday release”   (P/M/E/Mastering)

Keep Flying : “Follow Your Nightmare”  (E)

Vermont : “Death Note / Upcoming LP” (P/M/E/Mastering)

Overgrow : “The House You Made” (M/Mastering)   (Commonground Records)

Tiny Voices : "Where The Time Went" (P/M/E/Mastering)

Humilitarian : “She Said” (P/M/E)

Arlen Gun Club : “S/T” (P/M/E)

Arlen Gun Club : “Too Easy” (P/M/E)

Plans : “Loose Ends” (P/M/E)

Secret Stuff : “YSHBMF”   (P/M/E/Mastering)

Life In Idle : Upcoming LP (P/M/E)

Best Ex : "Good At Feeling Bad" (No Sleep Records) (M/Mastering)

Tiny Hueman : “Up the Coast / Growing on Me” (P/E/M)

The Standby  : “Wintersun/Constant Nausea”  (P/M/E/Mastering)

The Standby  : “Over/Under”  (P/M/E/Mastering)

Street Limes : “Apathetic Blues / Live Me”  (P/M/E)

Commonweather : “Lemon” (P/M/E)

Past Life :  “Triple Nothing” (P/M/E)

Past Life :  “The Loudest Sound” (P/M/E)   (Mad Dragon Records)

Past Life : “Cardiac/Upcoming LP” (P/E)

America Part Two :   “I Don’t Wanna/Talk it Out/Split 2020” (P/E)

Gabriella Pasqua : “Would You Stay / Upcoming release” (P/M/E/instrumentalist)

City Ghost : “Level With The Sea” (P/E/M)

Lotus Kid “I’mbalanced/Upcoming EP  (P/E/W)

Up All Hours : “Hines Drive” (P/E/M)

Twin Beds :  “It Gets Easier” (P/M/E)  

Twin Beds: “Forgetting Something” (P/M/E/Mastering)

Twin Beds: “Upcoming LP” (P/M/E/Mastering)

Royal Psalms :  “I Could Have Been Anything”   (P/W) (Rise Records)

Royal Psalms :  “Final Psalms” (P/M/E/W/MA)

Living Room :  “New Year” (P/M/E) (Fear Icon Records) 

Living Room :  “Heavy Mind” (P/M/E) (Jetsam Folsom Records) 

For What It’s Worth :  “Heavy//Hollow” (P/M/E/Mastering)

Knavery :  “Grown” (P/M/E/Mastering)

Knavery :  “Deviant” (M/Mastering)

Current Year :   “S/T” (M/Mastering)

Palamino :   “S/T” (Mastering)

Median :  “Shortsighted”  (Mastering) 

Bother None : “Pirouette” (Mastering)

Behind The Facade : "Honey EP" (P/E) 

Twin Strike :  “A Mountain” (E)

Sylvana Joyce & The Moment :  “Heavyhead” (E)

House Plants : “ S/T”   (E)

Westing :  “I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself”   (P/M/E/W)

Plans : “Get The Bad Out” (P/M/E/W/Mastering)

Low Mass : “ Sleepwalker”(P/M/E)

American Runaways : “Home For a Week”  (P/M/E)

Joe Ziegler :  “Time and Everything in Between” (P/M/E)

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